Animating is as easy as 1,2,3!

Animating sprites, especially in 2D games, are a quality of life addition that can turn your game from a decent one to a great one. You can have static images for objects like the player and enemies, but when other games out there has it while yours can, and will likely, hinder your game even before you publish it. Luckily for us, Unity made it simple to animate sprites.

First frame is added to the Hierarchy

After creating all the sprites and importing them into Unity, you just have to select the object, either an existing object or by adding one frame, presuming the first frame, into the Hierarchy. This allows Unity to create the Animation clip and Animator and attach it to the object right away.

The Animation window, ready to create the clip for you!

Open the Animation window by going to Window -> Animation -> Animator, or the shortcut Ctrl + 6. Click Create and select a name for the clip. It’s recommend to have “_anim” at the end to help you differentiate what’s the controller and what’s the animation clip.

The Animation Window accepting all the frames

Next, press the red Record button and drag all the frames onto the Animation Windows. This will allow Unity to create the animation clip you need and attach it right onto the object you selected.

Now you have a fully functional animated sprite!