Feels like an Actual Game

Thanks to prototyping, I had the base game set. Now it’s time to incorporate the art assets into the game.

First, I added a background to the scene; this was to help illuminate the idea that the player is in space and help them not stare into the black void.

Second, I added a sprite to the enemy and the player. If I are in space, it would make sense for the player to control a spaceship, not a cube. Furthermore, it would also help that the enemy is also a spaceship and not a cube. This was done to lend credence that the player is in space and keep the player immersed.

Third, I incorporated a health and score system into the game. This is to give the player a goal they can achieve (getting the highest score) and a sense on when they were about to die.

Lastly, I implemented power ups into the game. From the traditional mushroom to a rapid shot, many games nowadays have some sort of power up integrated within the game. As a result, and as of right now, I decided to include 3 power ups: a shield, a triple shot, and a speed boost.

All that hard work from weeks before is now paying off. Instead of looking at cubes, spheres, and simple objects, now we have implemented a player, enemies, power ups, and even scores and health.



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